November wrap up

November passed quickly and there were a number of events I had intended to post about but never found the time. Here’s a brief wrap up of our month.

November 9th, John and I celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary. Our tradition is to return to PJ’s Abbey where we were married, and enjoy dinner. We did so again this year and I had nearly the same thing for dinner as we had on our wedding day. The atmosphere is gorgeous at PJ’s. The high ceilings, arching stained glass window, and the history of over 100 years all fill me with a deep sense of love and comfort. For many years, the building was the Antioch Baptist Church. You can imagine the many people who worshipped there, wedded there, and held their funerals there. To have joined our lives in a building filled with emotions only strengthens my convictions that we are truly blessed to be together. And that we had The. Best. Wedding. Ever.

We baked in honor of a departed soldier, Rob Sanchez. That was such an emotional experience that I don’t think I’ll bake in memorium again. This round we signed up to bake for Ray Acosta, stationed in Okinawa. Ray and his wife just had a baby and they miss the States very very much. We will bake some Christmas treats and include other fun things like candy canes and M&Ms. I would love to send some frosted chewies, and since he’s not in the desert, I might just do so!

Papa endured hip replacement surgery and Melody and I visited him in the hospital and in the rehab center. We actually went to see him on Halloween, and Melody was dressed as Tinkerbell. Tinkerbell is Melody’s new favorite movie. Her other new favorite movie is Up. And of course her old favorite movie is Cars. And Bolt. And Finding Nemo. Anyhow, Papa is doing a lot better now and we have visited him at home too.

I took Melody on my day off to a pizza party at my office. All I can say is that Melody demanded a piece of crust from my friend Laurie, and then looked like The Joker after she ate a cupcake with hot pink icing. My girl actually told me she wanted applesauce and not pizza. Somehow I think I might have done something right.

I’m in an ornament exchange with my girls from my pregnancy support group, and I found the most gorgeous glass butterfly and dragonfly to send. I liked them so much I got a set for myself. Just this past weekend, however, I found a much better gift. I wanted to send something that could only be gotten here, and while at Calico this past weekend, I found an ornament that looks like their school house, and it says Calico, of course. Perfect! Jackie I sure hope I didn’t just ruin the surprise, lol.

We had Thanksgiving at our place again this year. I worried very much about the turkey defrosting completely, as in some years in the past, that dang turkey has been icy on the inside right up until the moment I put it in the oven. This year it was completely defrosted. I premade so much food and it all turned out great! My favorite side dish was the stuffing because I put sage sausage in it. Yummmmm! I also made a brand new dessert this year called Pavlova. My boss made this dish for us at the office a while back, and John and I fell in love with it! It’s a meringue base, topped with whipped cream and fruit. I made meringues for the first time. I whipped cream for the first time, and I ate passion fruit for the first time. It was delicious and I can’t wait to make it again.

We also got Melody’s pictures for our Christmas cards. They turned out so cute, if I do say so myself. She was a little bit of a ham (surprise, right?) and played with everything she came in contact with, including props for Halloween, summer, sports, boys, etc. I decided that she would wear her great-grandmother’s gold ring (on a chain) and a little silver bracelet I can remember wearing as a child to Sunday School. I don’t know where it came from before that.

Finally, Calico this past weekend. Please check my other site Past Periods Press for the instructions on how to make a poppet. Between me, Pauline and Pauline’s friend Laurel, we made and gave away nearly 80 poppets to little girls who came into the Lane House Museum. It was very cold that day, down into the 40s due to rain, and Melody was such a trooper. She didn’t want to wear a shawl or even a hat, but I finally just tied a scarf over her head and she looked like a tiny babushka. Traffic was horrible coming home but in Dad’s nice car, it was manageable.

Tonight we hung our first Christmas decorations – little ornaments that Melody made at day care. They are super cute! December looks to be shaping up just as busy as November. I’ll try to post often, but if I miss a week it’s because I’m focusing on my family. Today I learned of two people I have worked with for 12 years who passed away over the weekend, both to tragic and unexpected accidents. It puts the fragility of human life into perspective.

Why am I writing a blog when I could be snuggling up to my honey? See ya!


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