Whatcha Making?

I might have been feeling heavily sentimental when I signed up for Round 14 at Baking Gals, because “my” soldier Heath had been injured during the time frame that we baked for him. So, as it turned out, I signed up to bake in memorium for Army Ranger Roberto Sanchez who had been killed during his fifth deployment to Afghanistan by a roadside bomb.

Rob was from Satellite Beach, near the Orlando area of Florida, and his best friend Ed Ward had been deployed with him. Rob had been an all-star wrestler in high school and a great guy who spread warmth and smiles to all he met. His friend Ed had the great responsibiltiy and sad task of accompanying his friend back to the states for his final mission.

Ed and Rob’s unit is still in Afghanistan for at least another six months if not longer. So, we packed our goodies with a huge amount of love and support for this unit that lost a great friend.

Here Melody and her grandma make pumpkin scones

I hope you will consider signing up for Round 15 of Baking Gals. Sign-ups will be open on Monday November 23rd with shipping in time for Christmas and New Years. This is a wonderful opportunity to help our brave men and women feel a little bit of our Christmas spirit even though they are so far from home and their families. Remember that when Great Uncle Fred starts talking about his galbladder at Christmas dinner, at least you are able to be in the same room with him.


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