Remember those resolutions?

1. Lose a little weight – i.e. eat less and move more, notice how I skipped the “drink less” codicil?

Three times this year I have lost 10 pounds. Not all in a row and I have not lost 30 pounds. But, this time I have lost 12 pounds and Dad and I are doing it together. I plan on making this time stick. I still don’t plan on drinking less, I just don’t plan on drinking more, either.

2. Drive the speed limit – ahem, I don’t need to actually increase my speed to accomplish this goal

I have actually been working very hard on this one! Especially when I drive with Melody, I try to slow down, because really, it’s not worth it to risk her.

3. Save up for a china cabinet and actually purchase one

Nope. Not even a dime. Maybe this will be recycled to 2010.

4. Keep in better touch with someone I miss

Yes! I am doing this one! And, with the help of Facebook, I’ve gotten back in touch with a number of friends who I missed very much.


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