Make new friends!

On Labor Day, our good friends the La Pat’s – who we haven’t seen in ages – came over for a visit. Charlie, Holly, Donovan and Sierra, John, Melody and I all went over to the park for a evening picnic dinner. After the fried chicken, strawberries and chips were eaten, Melody and Sierra went to play in the sand box. The sun was at just the right angle and their blonde heads

turned golden with the last rays of daylight. The fast friends played on the jungle gym, with Sierra (age 8) watching over Melody like a big sister. It was heartwarming to watch. Melody idolized Sierra and the girls had a wonderful time!

La Pat’s, we miss you! We hope to see you again sooner than a year! Click the image to see more of the girls having a great time together.


2 thoughts on “Make new friends!

  1. Every time I see a new picture of Melody, I’m stunned that she’s even more beautiful than the last time I saw her! She’s so gorgeous. I can’t wait to be the strange redheaded lady smooching her sweet face and scaring her to death!

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