Potty Training Milestone #1

This past weekend we kicked off the fun and often exasperating life lesson called potty training. Yay! Friday night, I put together two baskets of goodies to serve as prizes for successful visits to the potty. One has stickers and other very small items, the other has more substantial things like a mirror, Hannah Montana bracelet. water bottle and sunglasses. Every item came from the .99 store, thank goodness, including the baskets, so we won’t be potty trained out of house and home.

Melody loves her new panties! She says “pan-TEES!” We have both cloth panties and pull-ups. She likes both styles, but the pull-ups are good for the car and naps. I had to text Auntie Tara on Saturday morning, scolding her for not warning me of the intense pride I would feel the first time I heard my little girl tinkle on the potty. Seriously, I was grinning like a fool! Over pee.

Sunday night Melody earned her first “big basket” reward. She had wanted this Disney Princess mirror from the moment she first laid eyes on it Friday night. She tried and tried and tried, and although it might have been a false success and the doodie was really just stuck to her butt and fell off, I rewarded her all the same. She loves her mirror!


One thought on “Potty Training Milestone #1

  1. No one warned you about the joy of the first pee-pee in the potty? Unconscionable! How’s progress? I’m impressed you’ve started. We have our potty chair out, but the novelty has worn a bit thin and I think it’s time to get a new one. Oh boy…shopping!

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