Former Marine’s Front Porch Flag Destroyed

My friend Cat over at Delta Whiskey tweeted this article to me and I am just disgusted. On the eve of our Independence Day celebrations, the day after it was reported that 4 Marines were killed in Iraq, someone burned this man’s American flag and Marine flag right off his front porch. Read the article from the Dallas Morning News here.

Mr Jordan, a 70-year-old former Marine, says in the article “I’d have given them the flags if they wanted them,” he said, spreading a handful of remains out on his coffee table. “But to just burn them – I don’t understand that at all.”

So Cat has mobilized her network and may have a military friend in the Dallas area driving over to Mr Jordan’s home to deliver new flags. Police told him that at least one other flag in the neighborhood had been burned. I hope the little jerks who did this are caught, though there isn’t much punishment that can be levied against them, but maybe the Dallas Morning News will do an article on them and expose their true colors.


One thought on “Former Marine’s Front Porch Flag Destroyed

  1. It’s too bad that the people who did this may never be caught. They should be made to pay restitution for all the flags that they burned.

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