Now, here’s a REAL Housewife of Orange County

I thought I’d share this picture of my mommy, 30 years ago around Christmas, I believe.  We always tended to take pictures of ourselves with our new gifts, and one year my dad must have given my mom this wok for Christmas, resulting in this picture – one of many in a long line of us playing with our new toys.  Her blouse is dark green velour and I really always liked it.  Very stylish and paired with that (possibly) houndstooth skirt. And what housewife would be caught anywhere near the kitchen without her two gold necklaces?? I’m not teasing you, Mom, I really did like this outfit. :-)

The other possible occasion is a family dinner we used to have every January with this little old lady named Winnefred who gave us sometimes funky gifts (including chocolate wine one year), but that’s a post for another day.

The calendar on the side of our fridge reads 1979 and you can see our “King Tut” liquor decanter on top of the fridge.  Oh yeah.  This is vintage Orange County at it’s finest!  Green (?) tile counter, dark walnut cabinets, you can’t see the dark brown carpet (good for raising kids and dogs, hah), avocado green cookware, paper bag for collecting aluminum cans, flour-sack calendar…  Nice!  The fellow in the plaid shirt is my dad, and he’s standing over at the “drinks corner” of the counter, where he mixes bloody mary’s to this day. Just on white Corian counters.  With cherry cabinets.  

This post is for the Sincerely FRO Me To You linky party over at The Glamourous Life Association.  Check out some of the other fun posts there!


6 thoughts on “Now, here’s a REAL Housewife of Orange County

  1. Oh this looks so familiar to me. Of course I wasn’t part of your family or anything…but it is possible we were raised in the same home! Of course instead of King Tut we had a GIANT Lincoln Penny decantor….totally awesome. And totally 70’s!

    Thanks SO MUCH for coming to the FRO party!

  2. Good grief, where did you get that photo. Oh, I know, it was in the batch that you confiscated. You may have them all.
    You’re right about the dark green velour top. But the bottom was polyester pants, very stylish. They went very well together and I felt good in that outfit.

  3. Nah, I’ve had that picture forever. I found it in an old photo album with pictures from the DC trip. The album is literally falling apart so I’ve been taking the pics out and scanning them a few at a time.

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