My friends take great pictures!

Recently, my friend Boo at posted about a photography contest hosted by NicoleB Photography.  It’s a photo scavenger hunt in which photographers find items on the list and submit the pictures, and while I found it intriguing, I didn’t enter.  I have had a lot of things going on lately, so I chose to sit out this round.  Besides the fact that I’m a fine photographer, but not a great one.  Well, Boo and another friend, Kelly at A Goddess Rising, both entered the contest and they put up some fantastic images!  I hope you will visit their sites, and if you like what you see, maybe you could even go place a vote for one of them back at NicoleB Photography.  They would win something fun, like prints of photos, something like that.  I love to see other people’s photos and Boo and Kelly are both good photographers.

I stole this picture from Boo; it’s her entry for a tree.


Here’s Kelly’s entry for a street mirror.

I hope you will take a look, and girls, I hope you forgive me for nicking your pix!


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