Two little love birds, sitting in a tree…

Melody has been attending the same daycare for the past two years and up until recently the same three children had been there for about the same time: Melody, Mark and Gianna.  Gianna went off to another daycare recently, and some new children are now attending, but through it all, it’s been Melody and Mark.

All weekend long, Melody will ask for Mark, ask what he is doing, ask where he is.  She loves Mark.  They are best buddies.  I ran into Mark’s dad the other day and he said it’s basically the same thing at their house, with Mark asking about Melody.

Last night, as I was sweetly singing the ABC song to Melody before bedtime, she asked to sing along and of course I said yes.  She proceeded to sing “Mark” in place of all the letters. 

She is fixated.  It’s her first crush!

He is awfully cute.


4 thoughts on “Two little love birds, sitting in a tree…

  1. Thanks Sandi! I don’t think they will because of where Mark’s family lives, but I hope we’ll be able to keep in touch over time. They are nice people.

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