I always loved this dress

I think my mom made this dress for me and I wore it in kindergarten at Northcutt Elementary in Fountain Valley. I loved this dress. Only tonight did I even notice that the flower pots are upside down.

Only took me 35 years!  This is probably what Melody is going to look like in about three years. Hopefully without the crossed underbite. And the upside down flowerpots. 

This post is for the FRO party at The Glamorous Life Association (there’s that Marcy chick again!). Check out some of the other hideous hilarious pictures posted around the ‘net by visiting GLA and following the links posted there.


6 thoughts on “I always loved this dress

  1. Now, if you look very closely, and it difficult to see, you will notice that every other pot is right side up. (Probably showed up better on the skirt.) I loved that dress too! And several others along the way.

  2. You’ve always been so pretty! I personally love the upside-down flowerpots (as sporadic as they may be)…it says a lot about the girl wearing them. LOL!

  3. So are you saying that I have always had the confidence to walk a little sideways and to a slightly different drummer? Or, maybe just that I’m goofy…

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