The better part of our weekend

Before the mad dash to the emergency room, we had a very lovely weekend. Saturday, Melody and Mom joined Auntie Kathy, Gramma Alice and Gramma Marie for a Mother’s Day Tea at the Victorian Manor in Old Towne Orange. This is a lovely Victorian cottage that has been converted to a tea house. The teas range from decaffinated and regular to herbal and interesting. We started with wild berry, moved to Irish breakfast, then closed with rose petal. The meal was a delightful and light luncheon consisting of scones, salad, finger sandwiches, fruit and cookies. Melody had her own luncheon that closed with ice cream, but don’t doubt that she enjoyed the cookies too.  

Outside in the gated yard, the flowers were blooming and picture spots abounded. We took advantage of the gazebo, an archway and bench for some photo mementos from the day. I hope you’ll take a look, there are a couple of Melody that, if I must say so myself, are gorgeous photos.

Click the picture to see more like this one

Saturday evening we played at the park with Caelen, our neighbor. Hide and seek was the order of the day and Melody and Caelen had a wonderful time!  On the way home, they held hands. It was so cute!

Sunday, Auntie, Mom and Melody visited the new Civil War event in Costa Mesa. It had a small turnout due to the fact that it was Mother’s Day, but it was a nice little event all the same. We have great hopes for the event in 2010.

Sunday night was spent with Uncle Steve, Aunt Kathleen, cousins Shawn and Jake (Melody’s new best friend!), Gramma Marie and us for dinner. Uncle Steve spent the better part of the evening trying to convince us that Melody needs a brother, either the normal way or a cousin-brother. He showed off some fish pictures from a recent fishing trip and on Monday Melody announced that she wanted Uncle Steve to come fishing with her. We really had a nice weekend (until that last part) celebrating Mother’s Day and family!


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