It’s our first….

There comes a time in life, for parents and for children, that they must make that first, brave pilgrimage to the unhappiest place on Earth: the hospital ER.  We found ourselves making the mad dash last Sunday night during the waning hours of Mother’s Day.  Unfortunately, as we were getting ready for bed, Melody thought it might be fun to play one last game with Mom and tried to shut the door between us so she could run down the hallway.  Weeeellllll, little Melody had her little foot in the way of the big door, and needless to say, screaming and blood were involved.

It was just more than Mom and Dad knew what to do about.  I won’t go into the gorey details for you here, just suffice it to say that Melody will be growing a new big toenail.  It hurts just to say that.

But it certainly hurt us so much more on Sunday night.  She was in great pain and frightened because Mom and Dad were hovering over her trying to figure out what to do.  Then came Dad carrying her down the stairs, still in her pajamas, out to the car and Mom rushing out behind them and actually sitting in the back seat with her.  This must have been overwhelming for her.  Mom and Dad can only say that we are eternally grateful the injury was not life threatening because the wait was at least 30 minutes in the waiting room.  Once we were in a treatment room the care came quickly, but oh, her wails and cries.  It’s enough to make a grown man cry.

Melody will be fine, by the way.  She was walking today and just will have to wear a bandage for a while which precludes a shoe.  Her pediatrician thinks that it will grow out just fine and we will let nature take its course.  Yes, all’s well that ends well, but oh the getting there can be so traumatic!


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