Potty humor

My friend Melissa told me this story about her son Ashton, who is around 18 months old.

Ashton will not let his parents go to the bathroom without him.  If they close the door, he stands outside crying and bangs on the door until they let him come in.  So, they decided they would buy him a potty chair and let him sit on the potty when Mommy or Daddy sits on the potty, and this has been going on for about a month now.  Ashton won’t sit on the potty without a diaper, but he likes to sit on it all the same.

The other day, Melissa was in the bathroom.  Ashton decided he was going to go in the bathroom with her and sit on his potty.  He strolled in with a magazine, sat down on his potty and started flipping through the pages.

Not Ashton, but cute!

I wonder where he learned that!?  glancing around looking for Ashton’s daddy….


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