Mommy Long Legs

It was 1980.  I was 12.  I wore Dittos almost exclusively.  This was the year a growth spurt left me with freakishly long legs and a normal upper body.  This might have been the last year I could say I was thin.  My sister was 15 and only a couple inches taller than me.

In summer 1980, my sister Kathy and I went on a vacation for 10 days or so back east to visit family.  This picture was taken on the day we went to Washington DC with our cousins Carey and Becky.  I think.  Anyway, assuming it was that day, it was really cool because we took the bus, then the train and it was that one line of the train that goes under the Potomac and that was really neat.  We went under a river.  We spent the day going through museums and stopping at monuments.  It might have been the trip when I took pictures of all the First Ladies’ dresses with my Vivitar 110 camera at the Smithsonian and since they are behind glass, every picture has a giant flash reflection.  Nice.  

Anyway, we took this picture at the Washington Monument.  My parents liked it so much they used it as our Christmas Card that year.  

I wish I hadn’t been slouching.

Or so tall.

But I did wear Vans tennies all around DC and I don’t think they were even available there.  So there is that.


11 thoughts on “Mommy Long Legs

  1. You got your story right. I saw a friend of mine in the Air & Space museum. I kept telling Carey that I knew that girl and she kept saying there’s no way. Well, she came up to me and tapped me on the shoulder and it was so. 3000 miles away, I run into a girl on the other side of Northcut School. Truely amazing. I’m wearing Vans also. It was muggy after the rain. The train ride was cool. Do you see what is in my hand…my camera. A Vivitar also. I still always travel with a camera. A weird appendage to my hand. That was a fun trip.

  2. LOL. I think my first trip to D.C. also resulted in a lot of photos with a reflection of the flash off the glass! :-)

    And I’m jealous, my mother would never let me have any Vans.

  3. Sorry about that, this is what happens when a non-techie person scans and uploads pictures. John fixed it and the image is not so big now Marcy.

  4. Great blast from the past — especially your memory for all the product names. I don’t remember Dittos but I do recall the style of high-waisted flare pants. I referred to them as disco pants. Vans are still going strong.

  5. Just catching up on all the news I missed while I was away. That was a good picture. And for a while there you had to have Chemendafores (sp?). I actually think that is what you were wearing. Loved all the other blogs too – “let Mommy sleep” is best!

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