Mommy Daughter Date

Last Friday I had to pick Melody up early from daycare, so i took advantage of the time together and we had a Mommy Daughter Date.  I took her down to the Huntington Pier since it was a sunny afternoon, though a bit windy.  I hoped the kites would be flying and that would be a great treat for her.  As you can see in this video, Melody had a terrific time.  She chased pigeons with some other children, tried to join a volleyball game (or at least play with the ball), we stopped for pictures on the pier in the wind, bought a kite, saw a California Brown Pelican, ate dinner at Ruby’s where Mom put together the 2nd most difficult kids-menu-vehicle ever, avoided some creepy pan handlers on the way back to the car, and then Melody danced in her car seat to some funky Irish music I had on the iPod.  It was a very fun evening and I can’t wait to do it again!

I also put new pictures in the gallery from our date.  Enjoy!


3 thoughts on “Mommy Daughter Date

  1. Sooo funny! Isn’t it true about that darn Ruby’s toy. It’s ‘ilarious we both wrote about it!
    The video is adorable. Must know name of irish band! I love that kind of music.
    Another random comment: scary pelican.
    Great post and video!

  2. The Irish group is called Highland Sun I believe. I bought the CD at a Ren Fair about 10 years ago. I can burn you a copy, they have some great stuff on the album and a hilarious song about a pub fire. I was acquainted with the bodhran player, nice guy, half Jewish. :-)

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