4 thoughts on “What Wii did on Valentine’s Day

  1. Cute!

    I think that’s the only way you’d get me to go ski jumping too!

    (BTW, how do you guys like the Wii? We’re thinking about getting one…gotta get our butts moving somehow).

  2. I love it! The regular games it comes with are really fun. John spent several days just playing tennis and got quite good. Bowling is really fun too. I picked up the fit board a few weeks ago and I really like it for the yoga and the hula hoop. The soccer ball game is also fun. My only complaint is it takes a long time to set up your profile with the fit board compared to some other game consoles. You don’t just pick it up and play, kwim?

  3. Did you end up figuring out that she can’t jump OFF the board in order to jump in the game?? If her feet come off the board then the game assumes she lost balance and fell off. Trust me…many many trial and error’s with Jaxon. Jaxon now has his own “baby wii remote”!!

    Love the Wii! Has everyone found the games that are in the training section?? It’s down the bottom line of text and it’s icon look’s like a dumbell. The boowling one’s in that are FUN!

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