I just hate it when this happens!

There are times when “things” just happen and man, don’t you just hate that?  Currently, I am in a serious bind and friends, I need your help. 

I have $358.23 on an incentive debit card that is going to expire at the end of this month, meaning I HAVE TO SPEND IT. 

Auntie Tara, would that you were here.  We’d haunt Ross like there was no tomorrow, but it just isn’t fun without you there to roll your eyes when I pull out the hot pink and fur trimmed blouses and quite seriously ask “what about this one?” just to make you laugh.  Thank goodness you were still in Cali to talk me out of those iridescent lucite platform sandals a few years back.  And home dec just isn’t my forte, you know that.  I’ve been timid about shopping without you ever since you moved.

So, people, you have GOT to help me!  I have three hundred fifty-eight dollars and twenty-three cents to spend, and wouldn’t you know, there really isn’t anything I am burning up to have!  (Hey, did you like how I wrote that out correctly and didn’t put the “and” in the wrong place?  Mrs Winders my 6th grade teacher would be so proud.)  I can get gift cards to some stores, but I can’t get anything simple like an Amex or Visa card.  And, if I don’t spend the full balance by the end of the month, the remainder will be loaded onto what is called a “best of everything” card, which I’ve heard nothing but bad things about, AND they will round the balance down to the nearest $25!  What a rip off!  So I’m not giving up one red cent of my incentive money.  I worked hard for it.

Here’s where you come in.  Please review the possible choices below and tell me in the comments what you think I could/should buy at these places.  It can be as frivolous or as serious as you like. Things I have in mind are: toddler bedding for Melody, new cookware, a fancy appliance for the kitchen, and new suits for work.

Bath & Body Works

Borders Books



Crate & Barrel


L.L. Bean

Land’s End


Pottery Barn – all forms


Williams Sonoma

I won’t mention the various other stores that were in the partner program that have gone belly up since the list was published last year.  It’s just sad to see so many businesses gone and so many people out of work. So, in the name of keeping the economy going, help me shop! 

See that?  I just enabled you to enable me, heh. 


5 thoughts on “I just hate it when this happens!

  1. Tisk, tisk, tisk…such a problem.

    Thank God, I’m here to help!

    Its hard not knowing what Melody’s room currently looks like, but I’m a fighter. I’ll power through.

    If frivalous is your aim…

    These are my suggestions:







    Okay, I’m starting to salivate…I better stop. Let me know if you need more suggestions, I’d be happy to help!

  2. Above all, if worse comes to worse, purchase a gift card. I would suggest Kohls or Macys. That way the pressure is off and you can shop at your leisure later.

    (Or just send me the dang thing if it brings you too much grief. I’ll take the burden).

  3. Boy! I never knew you to have money to “burn.” By all means get something for yourself, something for Melody, something for John and something for the house. Or – heaven help me – start your Christmas shopping early and then write down where you put it or by December you will forget. (Or you could tell me where you put it.)

  4. Seriously! I have the best solution. Make a list of where you want to go like So. Coast Plaza, okay so its a short list, we go there spend the day eat lunch and shop till we drop. With me there to coach you that money is as good as gone. Now with not going to Knott’s this weekend you have some free time. What ‘da say? Come on, I know you want to. :-)

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