We’re baking again!

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, we will be sending some cookies and treats off to Sgt Markham Jennings “Doc Jennings”, a medic in Iraq.  We started out this morning making sugar cookies in heart shapes and frosted them.  At first Melody was not interested in helping, only taste testing. She did not like the sound of the mixer (I have a KitchenAid home professional mixer that I love with all my heart!).  Did I really just say that??  I am so truly a mom and wife…  Anyway, I overcame Melody’s dislike of the mixer by asking her to help me.  I had a bowl of red and white striped white chocolate chips and one of dried cranberries.  Once she participated in scooping Melody-sized handfulls of the chips and dropping them into the mixer, she was no longer afraid.  She enjoyed standing on the chair up by the counter and watching it whir around while I added the cranberries.  

Later, she and Dad confirmed the cookies had indeed turned out well and they were deemed ‘Yummy!’.  We also made sugar cookies rolled in red & clear large granule sugar and tomorrow we are going to make Cowboy Cookies, also known as oatmeal chocolate chip.  Later this week I’ll ship the cookies along with some boxes of Necco Sweetheart Conversation Hearts, and a bag each of Blow Pops and Tootsie Pops.  Hopefully in addition to the doctor, they have a good dentist on base.

From our last round of baking around Christmas, we received a note back from Sgt Park.  He wrote us a nice note about how getting anything from home means so much to them.  He leads an international multidisciplinary team of soldiers working in Iraq.  I’m unclear of what they do, but it’s something with computers and rifles.  We had sent Sgt Park several gift bags with frosted sugar cookies and Peppermint Blow Pops.  He handed out the gift bags to his staff on Christmas Eve and it is very rewarding to know that they arrived and were appreciated.  I still can’t imagine what it would be like to have to celebrate Christmas without my family.  Now it is Valentine’s Day, and although some people don’t celebrate with more than a card, it’s a day I much prefer spending with my family instead of nine other soldiers.  No offense, soldiers, but there is a reason you signed up and I am here baking cookies.  I guess we all have our roles in this world.  As I’ve said before, mine is to support.  Here’s to those who’s role is to be in the danger zone.

PS Mom I need to get your sugar cookie recipe from the Fannie Farmer for rolled cookies.  The one I have I don’t like.


8 thoughts on “We’re baking again!

  1. Martha, please tell me why you love your Kitchen Aid stand mixer with all your heart and soul. I have recently acquired one, and while in theory, I think it’s really cool, I have yet to figure out why it would be better than my hand mixer that takes up a lot less space in my kitchen. But I WANT to love it so tell me why I do.

  2. Just wanted to say thanks for baking. You’d be surprised at the number of guys (even ones with family) who don’t get anything! Josh is constantly asking me to ‘send an extra batch for so-and-so’ and I’m like isn’t he married?

    I’m sure you already have an idea, but your (and your little helper Melody’s) support of our troops is admirring. You go girls!

  3. Mary Beth, at first I thought it was just a cool thing that would make me look good. Once I used it, I found out I really do like it. The things that I used to dislike about baking were the spray of flour and batter that came out over the sides of any mixing bowl and the clatter of the beaters on the side of the bowl when you try to scrape all the stuff down into the bowl. Plus I’m a bit clumsy so I’d catch the mixer cord on anything within reach and compound the mess. With the Kitchen Aid, the bowl sides are very high, no flour or batter sprays out, and it’s so very sturdy. With my particular model the plastic cover is not a full 360 – my friend has an older one that fully covers – and that would be my biggest complaint. I learned from her to cover the mixer with a towel when the flour is still loose. I find it is superior for mixing and creaming. My MIL says it makes great mashed potatos although I havent’ had to make that big a portion yet. So far I’ve mainly used it for baking.

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