Look! Up in the sky!

I’ve seen a few sites that do “Skywatch Friday” which is, post a picture of the sky on a Friday.  I usually get horrible pictures so I never figured I’d have a Skywatch Friday post, but today…today was a great day for pictures of the sky.  We’ll call this Skywatch Thursday.  This morning when we walked out of the house, there were light clouds dusting across the sky, the neighbor’s tree was covered by white flowers, and Melody said “that’s pretty.”  So, I took a picture with my iPhone.

About 90 minutes later, I was sitting at a stoplight in Newport Beach, just about 20 miles south of home and much closer to the coast.  Banks of clouds were rolling in, alternately revealing and obscuring the sun.  I looked up, and there framed in my window was a beautiful image.  So, out came the iPhone and another photo taken.

I ran these through an iPhone app called Camera Bag and applied the Lolo filter.  The results please me.  I’m not much of a photographer.  Once in a while I get a good snapshot, and recently I’ve been getting some artsy-fartsy images, such as at Disneyland in December.  For the most part, I like to take pictures that are sometimes really just average at best.  So, I’m pleased to share these pictures which pleased me.


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