Come play with us at Fort Knott’s

Coming up on President’s Day weekend (yes that’s also Valentine’s Day), Melody, Mom, Auntie Kat and Miss Pauline will be participating in the Fort Knott’s Civil War Encampment at Knott’s Berry Farm.  This is the third or fourth year for the event.  Auntie Kat and I visited last year in cognito to check it out, and it was very nicely laid out with an outstanding turn out of military groups.  According to the organizer of the event, 375 military reenactors went on a grand parade through Knott’s Berry Farm and apparently stunned the Knott’s management team.  Sounds like they expected 40-50 ragtag fellows to half heartedly tramp around the park.  Not so.  Event organizers expect an even better turn out this year and it coincides with the Lincoln Bicentenial, so more historic emphasis is being put onto the event.  There are not a lot of Civil War events in Orange County and the surrounding areas, so if you are at all interested in this type of event, strike while the iron is hot!

Here is Melody at the Prado event in March 2008.

Mrs. Brewer’s Parlor and Marvel & Marshall Purveyors of Fine Literature are delighted to be bringing our living history demonstrations to this event.  in 2007, there was only one suttler (that’s a “store” to those who are uneducated in reenacting lingo), and she made a killing.  The Kansas Mercantile will be there again, and hopefully some other fine establishments.  I heard a rumor that Brodeaias Fashions will be there – she makes devine bonnets.  Did I ever in my life think I would be gushing about a milliner??? 

I hope you’ll come out and visit us on February 14th.  Melody will be out to play with us that day and we will have a simple celebration of her 2nd birthday, cookies and punch most likely.  More importantly, admission is free, you just have to pay for parking.  The Fort Knott’s encampment is held on the “other” side of Beach Blvd., by the Independence Hall and duck pond. This is a really nice location, lots of grass but also paved paths for strollers if you have them.  Young people interested in “new stuff” or having a Civil War project in school might just learn a few things about life in the 19th century and come away with a new appreciation for history and pride in America.  Old folks who enjoy poking around looking at “neat stuff” might enjoy the suttlers, displays of historical firearms, blacksmiths, etc.  At the Long Beach event, my dad – Papa – spent quite a while sitting with a blacksmith and making nails or something like that.  Auntie Kat and I got a huge kick out of him acting a bit like a kid.

She’ll be wearing this dress to Fort Knott’s.

I hear that the Orange County Register will have some type of an ad banner wrapper on the Sunday paper advertising this event.  If anyone takes the Sunday paper and would save this for me, I would be most appreciative!

Hope to see you there!


3 thoughts on “Come play with us at Fort Knott’s

  1. Suz I would love to meet up. Def email me if you are going to come out!

    Kate I wish you lived closer too, for many reasons!! I’d love to just mush all over Ben. Little boys are just so delicious!

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