What is that?

Lately, Melody has graduated from simple to complex in terms of language.  We are, of course, incredibly proud of her and her obvious intelligence.  Why, just last night we were discussing the state of the economy and she postulated….okay, not really.

But, she does have some new phrases in her vocabulary and sometimes it is just so funny.

We were driving down the street to Target and passed a junky old pickup.  Melody said “what the heck?”

Recently, we could hear her over the monitor in the middle of the night talking to herself.  “What is that?  I’d like some.  What is that?  I need that.  Etc…”

Then there is the ever popular”My Dinner!”  Melody will eat dinner with us until she starts to play with her food.  Very typical behavior.  When the play becomes too messy, I’ll take her plate away, resulting in an outraged “my dinner!” and sometimes a few tears of frustration and annoyance.  The reason this is so funny is that Melody will say this completely out of context (in bed in the middle of the night) or seriously 15 minutes after she’s eaten her last bite.  She just does not want me to take away that plate, I’m assuming because it means the end of the pleasurable time our family is spending together.  Or, she’s a sore loser, I’m not sure.

When something startles her she will say “oh my goodness” “oh my gosh” or just “oh no!” all with that child’s emphasis so it’s more like “oh my GOODness” or “Oh my GOSH“.

One of her favorite entertainment options is my iPhone.  “Watch Backyar-gans on the phone?”  Last night, Melody informed me that I am “Uniqua” a character from her favorite show The Backyardigans. I’m sure you can see the resemblance.


The rest of the family is assigned like this: Melody is Tasha.  Daddy is Pablo.  Browser is Tyrone.  Nano is Austin.










Yes, my daughter is fully corrupted by the idiot box.  I admit it.  But, we do try to keep her programming to appropriate children’s shows and we only watch COPS when I am desperate for a change from Sesame Street, Mickey Mouse, Backyardigans, Wonder Pets or the other shows that may be on.  And, I couldn’t help it.  I told her we don’t get the Barney channel at our house.  I just can’t do that one.  Does that make me evil or just plain ol’ clever?


4 thoughts on “What is that?

  1. You’ve been busy – I love reading your stuff. I would certainly have to hang out with Melody for several days or longer to get inside her head with all the “new” kid stuff these days. By then I’d probably be the basket case. Love the short times, i.e. sitting length, or dinners. Love to all –

  2. hay
    i love the five backyardigans.and my favourite is austin the kangoroo ! i love you austin kiss from celine !i kiss you cause you´re sweet! oh yes!!!I love YOU!!!bye bye austin!you are a goodlooking kangoroo!please write a letter to me about you!and how is it in australien ???
    ok ok okay !!!I must go back!kiss you.
    from celine!:D :) :P

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