Now back to our regularly scheduled programming

About 8 months ago, we went out to some huge mall in Rancho Cucamonga to see our friend Charlie Ray put on a show loaded with twangy, rockabilly influenced music.  While there, Melody asked to ride the train – one of those trains on wheels, not an actual track.  It would wend its way around a very long and relatively narrow courtyard, in between shoppers and around a large pop fountain.  We went on the train so as to avoid the pop fountain.  There were numerous children in the fountain – in their bathing suits, I have never seen this before – but they were older and quite rambunctious.  Melody at the time was about 18 months old.

So, Dad made this little video last night using the updated iMovie (which he said is nice but susceptible to crashes, which is a major bummer).  Enjoy!



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