Melody’s To Do List Update

I just thought I’d share with you an update on how Melody is doing with her to do list.

  1. Be born
  2. Learn to walk
  3. Get masters degree
  4. Win American Idol
  5. Buy parents very expensive and large house
  6. Become President of the United States

Unfortunately there’s not been much progress since she learned to walk at 11 months. But in any case I’ll keep you posted.


4 thoughts on “Melody’s To Do List Update

  1. I dunno. I hear she’s rocking out a smokin’ hot cover of Hannah Montana’s “Best of Both Worlds”. Somebody give Simon a call and let him know she’s on her way.

  2. I’d say Melody already has a masters in LOVE, especially if you ask Papa and Gramma. John will have to be more specific in the type of masters she is supposed to achieve.

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