I apologize in advance for the head stick

Can you tell it’s a little slow in my office this week?

Following is a clip from a very bizarre Iclandic children’s show (currently on Nick Jr.) called Lazy Town. The premise is: a little girl on vacation goes to spend the summer with her uncle and makes some friends. Oh, and there is a gymnast superhero and a nightmare-inspiring, very creepy bad guy with a chin that would inspire envy from Jay Leno, and some melty-looking latex puppets. Good times for children! They sing a few songs too, and following is one that I have had stuck in my head for two days straight since Dad first learned of it. It’s very catchy and the little girl is super cute!



3 thoughts on “I apologize in advance for the head stick

  1. That train already left the station.

    I was a little afraid that it was going to be the ultimate head stick song “It’s a Small World After All” in honor of your recent trip to Disneyland.

    But for sheer head stickiness on LazyTown you just can’t beat this one:

    What does it mean that I find Robbie Rotten oddly appealing?

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