I’m free!

Well my doctor cleared me to wear regular shoes, no more cam walker! Yay!!! He said the pain in my foot is likely from walking too much at Disneyland, and would I please refrain from going back for a few months, lol.

Last night we decorated our Christmas tree. Although Melody experienced Christmas last year, she was not really aware of the tree. This year, she is very aware of the tree! We had so much fun decorating the tree with her. She did very well placing the loops over the ends of the branches (we have a faux noble fir right now) and was very enthusiastic about getting “another one!” to put on the tree. Dad held her up to the higher parts of the tree and they put ornaments up there as well. We have a large grouping of knitted bells and unbreakable ornaments on the lower front of the tree, a smattering of them on the sides and up a bit higher, and all of Mom’s fancy ornaments at the very top. :-)

I have a treat for everyone that I’ll probably have to post on the weekend. Not that I’m teasing you or anything, but it involves singing by a toddler, heh.


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