Happy Labor Day, Grandma Alice!

Today is Mom’s birthday, so happy “labor day” to Grandma Alice! :-) Mom will be spending the day at the happiest place on earth with Auntie Kathy. I’ll be taking a decent camera for once and hope to get some interesting photos. Disneyland of course landscapes with all kinds of interesting vegetation, and much of the scenery is really unlike anything else you can find in SoCal. In years past I really haven’t taken a lot of pictures at Disneyland/California Adventure just because A.K. and I have been there possibly hundreds of times. We take pictures of the flowers more than of each other these days.

Melody was sick over the weekend, we think now she was probably teething. Poor gal must be getting in her 2nd year molars. She is constantly chewing on her fingers deep in the back of her mouth. I thought she was just feeling around in there or trying bulimia early, but after putting all the pieces together, Dad and I concluded it’s teeth. Hopefully this round of teeth will come in quickly and not interrupt everyone’s sleep like the canines did! After a fever all day Saturday – which the pediatrician is quick to disclaim as a symptom of teething (do pediatricians actually have children of their own?) – she felt a lot better Sunday and we all went out to celebrate with a great evening at Roy’s in Newport Beach. Melody managed to look smashingly good in the red dress Grandma Alice knit for her. She was excellent through the evening – two or three hours at the table with adults is a lot for a little gal. I’m so proud of my little girl who is really growing up!

New pictures in the gallery, including an insanely cute one of Melody with Santa Claus! Auntie Tara, you’ll notice we have a mall play area with almost identical stuff to yours, lol. Who knew that 3000 miles apart, our kids would be playing on the “same” stuff?


5 thoughts on “Happy Labor Day, Grandma Alice!

  1. Happy Birthday Martha! I’m not sure I realized we were both December babies. Or maybe I did and as usual my brain simply did not retain the information.

    And after 3 children you’d think I’d be able to remember the existence of two-year molars. Or rather I knew about them, but in my mind I refused to realize that Meredith IS almost two. I too have been trying to figure out why my non-thumb/finger-sucking child has spent the past week with one or both hands shoved firmly in her mouth.

    Thanks for the tip-off.

  2. What a great looking family! Melody was amazing on Sunday night – due in part to the fact that you have plenty of things that are of interest to her, and that you play so well with her in small and unusual places (for her).
    Be sure to print out these “essays” so that they can be found 100 years from now by some descendant in a dusty basement packed away and kept because they couldn’t bear to throw anything away. Do some of the photos too.

  3. Happy Birthday!! We had the most amazing time at the Happiest Place on Earth. We met Melody & Dad for dinner. Dad taught Melody to say Happy Birthday to Mom. It was so cute. What a great way to end a great day!

  4. I will be sure to print them out Gramma. Having read a few pages of those 140 year old journals and seeing how well they correlate to modern problems, perhaps my progeny will learn from these ramblings.

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