Does this happen to you?

In the past two weeks we’ve been out to eat with Melody on two separate occasions. Once to Alcapulco and once to a local diner called Dalton’s. Both times, total strangers approached us to complement Melody on how well behaved she was, how cute she was, and how good of an eater she was. Yes, we were lucky she wasn’t screaming – which of course she has done – and she has never really been shy about packing away bacon and eggs. (Whew!)

But, we wonder…does this happen to other people? When you go out, do people spontaneously tell you how cute/well behaved/sweet/a good eater your child is?

Because I’ve never had the urge to do something like that. Well, I take that back. Once, Auntie Tara and I were out for a girls morning and there was this adorable little boy at the restaurant. We saw him and his mother in the parking lot and we did tell her how he had made us smile and that he was totally cute. But, I was in baby mode at that time and Tara’s son Burke was just a little guy, so I think we had cuteness on the brain.

Back to this. The people who approached us were older people with grandkids. Maybe their grandkids are just spastic, I don’t know.

Has this ever happened to you or is Melody just the amazing and wonderful child we think she is?


8 thoughts on “Does this happen to you?

  1. We often get comments about Jordan’s curls. Which makes giving her a first hair cut even more difficult to decide on!!

    I think right now most of the comments I get are about my current pregnancy and how I will have my hands full. Yeah, thanks, like I didn’t know that already.

  2. Yep, we get this all the time too. I never understood it before I became a Mother, I would have never even noticed if there was a baby around (unless it was a loud baby and then I would have started shooting ‘those’ looks. Hey! I said BEFORE I became a Mother).
    Often times, they will reach out to touch Burke or Cassie and it makes it stressful for me. We were at a restaurant two weeks ago and a woman walking by started fawning over Cassidy and bent down to pick her up! I freaked, my instincts kicked in and I *gently* shoved her away. LOL!
    Its always nice to have your child complimented, but the lesson here is…HANDS OFF.

  3. We haven’t been out too often since Jaxon’s been born, but when it was just Cassidy (and even when Zac was little) we’d get comments. I think they are wonderful comments from people who have “been there.” Cassidy always gets the “adorable” and “what gorgeous eyes” comments, I always think “thanks, but I have no idea where she gets it!” LOL

    We did go out last Saturday and both kids were very quiet, we were tucked away in a corner, which was perfect! The waitress wanted to know what we put in their drinks!

  4. Yes it does. And I love it. Thats why I always think to say it to other parents because as a previous poster said, it’s nice to hear and so many kids are just way too much to have near you while you eat(or even just in general). When finally you get to see a child that eats well and is well mannered and socially appropriate, it’s just really nice.

    And I think it’s great as a parent to be told by someone you don’t know, that they think your child is wonderful. Because it means you’re doing the right thing.

  5. We got that very often with Sabrina. She really was like a tiny adult when she was a baby/toddler. To the point of being odd. We still get it now, when all three of them are being well behaved and we’re brave enough to take them all out at once, and it does make you feel good. Note to future self – compliment parents on their well-behaved children, but look DON’T touch!

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