The great train ride

Recently, we wanted to do something with Melody other than the local park. In past weekends, we’ve had smoke too thick to really be safe and ashes everywhere. Mom has only this week started back to driving too. So, yes, we wanted to make the day all about Melody and what she likes to do. We entertained the idea of the Cerritos Children’s Library, and the Santa Ana Zoo but decided that 1) we should plan a little better for the library and 2) the zoo is pretty boring after you’ve been three times. But, the zoo did inspire us because it has a carousel and a train.

So we decided that South Coast Plaza would be a good destination. Once fixed in our minds, we were looking forward to a leisurely stroll, lunch and Melody enjoying the carousel. Then I remembered that Santa Claus (dun dun DUN) and his North Pole brethren settle directly next to the large carousel at South Coast, and having no desire to mingle with the potential crowds of cranky children and their desperate parents, we settled on Crystal Court, which has the small carousel that Melody enjoys and an Apple Store for Dad.

Flash forward, we have arrived at Crystal Court and parked in Mom’s designated gimpy spot. We wander in and Mom quickly sees down the hallway, past the Apple Store, that there is NO CAROUSEL in sight. They have installed their holiday decorations. Right where the carousel is supposed to be. Uh oh. Thankfully we hadn’t mentioned “the C” to Melody. Cautiously, we went to lunch at Ruby’s. Melody looked around for a bit and then turned to us and said….”care-sel?”

Fortunately for us they installed a train ride on the second floor. Whew!

Yeah. Right. Watch this little video to see how that went.


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