Small update

Not a lot has been going on at chez Gibbons lately. I posted the pictures from Halloween and some other silly pictures. Some are from an application called CameraBag that Dad found for the iPhone and Mom had to get it too. It has filters that make regular pictures look different, i.e. black and white, 1970s, things like that.

Mom has been slightly laid up the past few days after undergoing a procedure to hopefully heal her torn Achilles tendon. I’m in a “cam walker” which is one of those soft cast thingies. It’s hot and uncomfortable but better than a hard fiberglass cast and surgery, so wish us luck with this! Yes, it’s considered “off label” so we had to pay for it on our own. Donations accepted… Melody tells the people at daycare that Mama has a “big boot” and I’m ever so thankful she stops at “boot” and doesn’t put a “y” on the end, lol.

That’s about it for now, sorry there isn’t much new!


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