The things that worry my daughter

The other night, Melody had a nightmare. It was a bad one and she was crying pretty hard, so I went in to soothe her. She jumped into my arms as soon as I was close enough, and clung to me. My heart went out to her and I asked “Melody, what is it? What scared you?”

Very seriously, she said “diaper!”

She pointed to the bed, “Diaper!”

Becoming more frantic now, “Diaper, diaper, diaper!”

I wouldn’t want a wet diaper either, but this was extreme. Softly crooning, I asked “would you like a new diaper, Melody?”

“NO!!!” Screaming, pointing at the bed, “diaper! Diaper!”

After a while we banished the evil, bad diaper in her bed from her mind and she went off to sleep, perchance to dream. Just hopefully not about diapers.


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