3 thoughts on “15 minutes of fame – Part III

  1. That last shot on the video of the two of you…gorgeous! I think its wonderful that you have a hobby you love and can share with Melody. What a lucky little girl!

  2. I’m going to go all Ma Ingalls on you and ask “Where is that child’s bonnet??” :-)

    What fun! You both look great. When will the commerical come out?

  3. She has a bonnet, a really cute green one. She rips it off in about 5 seconds. :-) We don’t know yet when the commercial is coming out, my guess is in time for the next festival which will be in November. The one on Saturday is just too soon. I’ve got the email address of the director and he seemed amenable to sending me a DVD of the commercial, which I will be sure to rip and post here.

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