15 minutes of fame – Part I

As some of you know, I have been volunteering at the Lucy Lane House Museum at Calico Ghost Town in (lovely downtown) Yermo, CA for about ten years, along with my good friend Pauline and sister Kathy. We enjoy going out for the day about 4 times a year, spending time with our on-site friend Serena, demonstrating handwork of a bygone era, participating in their annual Calico Days Parade, and more recently displaying heirloom linens and of course, Miss Melody.

We have really enjoyed our times spent out there, and over the years have developed a great fondness for Calico. Most of our friends and all of our family members know what “going to Calico” means to us. The Park is owned by the San Bernardino County Parks Department, and was formerly owned by Walter Knott, of Knott’s Berry Farm fame. The Calico Mine Ride and Ghost Town at Knott’s Berry Farm were both inspired by the real Calico Ghost Town, and many of the artifacts in the Ghost Town Museum at Knott’s are from Calico. Would that they could return or at least lend them back on occasion…

Anyway, I can’t count the number of times we’ve been out to Calico. We love going there. That’s about all you can say. We have hosted fancy tea parties, performed vignettes about social calls in the 1890s, been in the parade as Suffragettes demonstrating for the right to vote, bathing beauties (1890s style of course!), a literary society, and soon, as a Temperance Society. Calico is a great inspiration for history and fun combined.

Our friend Serena has invited us to become a more permanent part of the Calico record by participating in the shooting of video footage to be used in a commercial, and possibly in other videos used by Calico for tourism and/or trade shows. We don’t know yet what our role will be, maybe just walking around in the background, who knows. But, Kathy, Pauline, Melody and I will be heading out on October 2nd to meet with our 15 minutes of fame. The commercial is to be shot by Time Warner and shown in the Victor Valley. If anyone reading this blog lives in that area and can record it for us, we would greatly appreciate it!!! I’ll be taking pictures and maybe some video of the process, and will post as soon as I can.

Today, Melody’s friend Gianna has brought a bounce house to daycare. Well, her MOM really made the arrangements, but it’s for Gianna’s birthday, so happy birthday, Gianna! We all know that Melody LOVES to jump, so she’ll be wiped out tonight, a good thing before a big day like we have tomorrow.

Part II to follow a.s.a.p.

Please visit the Calico Ghost Town site at http://www.calicotown.com and click on the Museum link, then scroll to the bottom to see our first brush with “fame” in connection with Calico. :-)


One thought on “15 minutes of fame – Part I

  1. Ah, yes, fame. A fleeting thing, that. Well, it is supposed to be around 100 degrees in glorious downtown Yermo tomorrow. Do we care? No. Will we have fun? Yes. It’s been hot there before and we have gone on. I’m ready for my close up, Mr. DeMille…

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