Officially a little girl!

It was an eventful weekend for us, starting off at 2:30 Thursday afternoon. Dad got a call that Melody was running a fever, could he come pick her up? Dad really wanted to stay at work, but since Mom was going to the Angel’s game with her own Dad, he went to pick up his own precious angel. Through the unceasing wonders of technology and the awesome guys at Apple who “just get it” Mom and Dad texted through the entire game about Melody’s fever and treatment. After going as high as 103.9 the fever went down and Melody was able to rest with Dad and watch Hannah Montana. Later she played with her lego’s before bed. Mom felt a little bit guilty for enjoying the game, but dang it, the Angel’s are 15 games ahead, were behind to Texas 5-2 through the top of the 7th and came back to win it 7-5 in the bottom of the 8th. Go Angel’s!! And yes, Melody was feeling a lot better the next day.

So, we figured after starting our long weekend with a fever, we would have smooth sailing for the next four days. See, we (Mom) decided it was time for Melody to give up the bottle. Bye bye baby! Friday morning we visited Grandma Marie and Great Grandma, and Melody seemed a bit under the weather. She didn’t completely break out of her shyness, but she did warm up to some other kids who were at the apartments and played a bit. She felt a whole lot better after her nap, so Mom and Melody did a little shopping – Melody LOVES shopping. We stopped at Home Depot to pick up some fancy keys, thanks to a suggestion from Kelly who got some “grown up” keys for her little boy JP. After spending an absurd amount of money on keys, we headed to South Coast Plaza and the Apple Store for an iPhone case for Mom. Melody loved sitting on the big ball and playing with the computers. Later we went on the carousel…three times. :-) Oh, and the Paul Frank Store people will be happy if we never come back because Melody thought that unfolding all their perfectly folded shirts was incredibly funny.

Finally after a snack, we went to pick up Grandma Alice at the airport! Yay, welcome home Mommy! We still hadn’t had a bottle all day, just drank milk from a straw cup, doing great! After we were at Grandma & Papa’s house for maybe 5 minutes, Melody fell into the toy drawer and it slammed on her arm!! Mom seriously thought it might have been broken and was trying to remember what her friend Josephine had to do with her daughter Guilianna a while back. Oh my gosh, the crying was just heart wrenching. Grandma got ice, that scared her more, a cold wash cloth upset her, finally a cracker seemed to calm her down a bit. We stayed a little bit longer, then decided we ought to just go on home. Poor Melody had had a long day.

After all that, it can be excused that Friday night Melody had a complete meltdown at bedtime. No bottle in sight, she was seriously mad. Nothing more shall be said on that. :-) Fortunately, Saturday night went smoothly with Auntie Kat babysitting while Mom and Dad went to see the Angel’s kick the crap outta the Rangers again and Melody went to sleep with no problems. Sunday we all were under the weather with some bug, but Mom and Melody managed to hit the mall and browse around for a bit, and Monday was a relaxing day to recover from all the drama of the previous days. And, Melody hasn’t asked for a bottle once. We picked out some straw cups (great idea Auntie Tara!) to take to daycare – of course Melody wanted to buy ALL the cups, shop-ping of course – and she was happy to see her friend Gianna this morning and share toys. We no longer have a baby who takes a bottle…we officially have a little girl!


2 thoughts on “Officially a little girl!

  1. I ‘almost’ bought JP a new key this weekend! Harley Davidson with flames.. then saw the $4 price tag and decided to wait, lol. Glad to hear the bottle weaning went smoothly. It did with JP as well. Hope her arm is all better!

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