Two new photo albums

I just added some new pictures from when we went to the Orange County Fair. The theme this year was “Say Cheese” so in every sense we embraced the theme. We were silly, cheesey, and we took lots of pictures. :-)

I also added some pictures from our Saturday morning at Grandma & Papa’s house. Grandma made pancakes with strawberries (yum) and cream (not so sure), Melody played in the backyard in the faucet and all around got soaking wet. We had to put her clothes in the dryer before we could even come home. It was a really nice visit with lots of hugs for Papa.

So, mosey over to the gallery and have a look.


5 thoughts on “Two new photo albums

  1. I don’t think she’s feeling the love for that whipped cream. Give her time. She’ll learn to love it about the same time she finds out it’s bad for her. LOL! I am happy to see Meredith isn’t the only one that yanks the barette out and peers through her hair like Cousin It. As for the Crazy Train, I swear I saw Ozzy in the background…..

  2. It’s amazing how much fun they have with a cup and water . . . who needs toys?

    Cassidy has those tupperware animals–the giraffe, elephant and doggie! LOL I think I have them from when Zac was a baby.

  3. I am seeing a lot of red in her hair (not sure if its just the photos or not). I would love it if she became a redhead. Then, I can claim her as mine like I always planned! Uh, never mind…I didn’t say anything…

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