Bes a Bof

If you have ever watched the Disney Channel, read a gossip blog or been anywhere that “tweens” go, you are aware of Hannah Montana. If, like me, you avoid “tween” girls at all costs, you know nothing about Hannah Montana, and that’s okay. Prior to a couple months ago, the only thing I knew about Hannah Montana was that Billy Ray Cyrus’s daughter played the character and so it seemed by association that it would probably be kind of corny. As it in fact is.

That being said, we’ve recently had a Hannah Montana epiphany in our house. Hannah Montana is a TV show on the Disney Channel, about a tween girl who by day is a mild mannered middle school girl, but by night, she is a pop star. It’s a secret, kind of like Superman. She puts on the wig and no one recognizes her. Amazing! It turns out that Melody loves the singing and dancing. She watches the music videos with rapt attention, ad nauseum. I’m starting to pray that Hannah Montana puts out some new videos, and darn quick, because I almost can’t stand to see Everybody Makes Mistakes or Best of Both Worlds one more time in my life.

But for my sweet little girl, I will watch them. I will happily clap along, dance with her, and encourage her to laugh, sing and jump around while Hannah Montana prances around with her backup dancers with perfectly choreographed precision. Like I said, Melody loves it. So much so that this past weekend, we went to Build A Bear and made her a “Hannah Buntana” bunny, complete with sparkly shirt and long blond wig.

Melody spontaneously started singing the theme song to the show yesterday. It was the cutest little thing. She saw a picture of Miley Cyrus/Hannah Montana on a magazine and announced “Hannah” then said “beeessss of bof” which I realized immediately is “best of both” from the chorus of the TV show theme song “Best of Both Worlds.” She sang it over and over. It’s the cutest thing!

Yes, I’ll let her watch Hannah Montana until my brains leak out my ears if she wants to sing along to the song in her cute little girl voice. And, hey, don’t get me wrong, the show might be corny and I might be tired of the videos, but I am looking forward to the next escapade Hannah, Lily and Oliver get up to, purely so I can relate to kids. It’s for research.


5 thoughts on “Bes a Bof

  1. Hannah Montana is to Melody what Barney was to Burke. Hard to stomach, but hey…whatever makes our babies happy is our new obsession too. If only Melody knew she was about a billion times prettier than Ms. Cyrus!

  2. Just imagine how nauseating it is to have a seven year old that wants to BE Hannah Montana and/or Miley Cyrus depending on the day. Meredith just runs around yelling “TANA TANA!” so I’m impressed with Melody’s grasp of actual lyrics.
    It could be worse Martha. It could be Britney Spears. Shudder.

  3. Melody is so cute when she sings Bes of Bof then gets a big grin on her face.

    Mom & Auntie are silly enough to dance for her.

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