Mom is such a do-do!

You might have read the post where I told the story of Melody locking me out of the house and the 30some minutes of stress while I waited for a tow truck to open the car…etc. Well, we bought a key hide, a really fancy one, with push button combination and memory, so there is that.

Thursday evening after work, I decided to take Melody and the dogs to the park. I gathered everything up and the dogs were being little brats so getting out of the house was a bit frantic. We got to the park and for some reason I patted my pockets…no housekeys!

Oh my god!!!

So this time I was locked out with a toddler and two dogs. I also realized that the new key hide is still in the Home Depot bag, on the kitchen table because we couldn’t decide where to mount it. UGH! I called AAA (of course I had my phone!), put the dogs in the back yard behind the gate, and waited out front.

But wait, it get’s better!! AAA came, opened my car, I opened the garage door and went inside. Then I noticed one of the dogs coming toward me.

Inside the house.

We don’t have a doggy door.

THE BACK DOOR HAD BEEN OPEN THE ENTIRE TIME. I never even thought to look back there!

I am claiming the official title as village idiot! Yikes!

PS let it be said that the last time I was locked out of my house (other than the Melody incident) was three houses and almost 10 years ago. I am not the type to walk off without keys!


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