New stats and a new movie!

We have been enjoying our Memorial Day 5-day weekend quite a lot! Melody kicked off the holiday with her doctor’s appointment. When they finally scraped their jaws off the floor, they told me her stats, which are: 27 pounds 11 ounces, 34 inches tall. Basically, Melody is the size of a 2-year-old. Wow. We knew she was tall, but wow, that’s almost 3 feet tall at 15 months. Maybe she will grow up to be the next Cindy Crawford. One can hope.

As a reward for being gigantic, we took Melody to the Santa Ana Zoo, basically a primate zoo. There are a few birds, a few llama-like creatures, but mostly monkeys, chimps, lemurs, and gibbons (ha ha ha). To Melody, they were all “kitty” I think because her only frame of reference around furry, four-legged creatures with a long tail being our two cats. The llama thing was “doggie” if I recall correctly. She did get the birds and she thought the monkeys et al were pretty cool.

Here’s a little video Dad put together giving you an idea of how our visit to the zoo went.


2 thoughts on “New stats and a new movie!

  1. Awww…That was so fun to watch! I love how long her hair is getting. I can’t wait for Cassidy to stop looking like a little boy with a bow on his head. LOL!

  2. After seeing her at Irvine Zoo, I think she related to Santa Ana Zoo more – maybe not so many fences at SAZ. It was fun being with her and you on Wednesday. Loved the movie(s). I missed the previous one as we were in PD.

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