In case your mother didn’t teach you properly

Seen in every bathroom, near the soap dispensers, on a recent visit to Disneyland’s California Adventure:

Wet Hands
Apply soap
Lather hands
Rinse with water
Courtesy of (insert brand of paper towels here)

Now, I know that Disneyland has a lot of international visitors, but something tells me that if a person can navigate their way to the US, through customs, and then find their way into one of the Disney theme parks, they can competently wash their hands. If these instructions are aimed at the locals, there is something lacking in our public school health programs.

Must everything be sponsored?

Last week it was cold & rainy and Melody was wearing jeans, long sleeved shirts and sweaters. Today I dressed her in her red Disneyland 1955 short sleeved shirt and capris. I’m worried she is over dressed and will be hot. What is up with this weather?

We’re getting a little more sleep although still no additional teeth breaking through. They must just not hurt as much.

We have a new movie on YouTube that Dad needs to post here for your viewing pleasure…hint hint Dad. :-)


One thought on “In case your mother didn’t teach you properly

  1. The other thing I noticed about the hand washing signs is that they are all in English, as they should be. But the point is if you are a visitor from a foreign land and speak but don’t read English what good is the sign anyway?

    In any case, I bet Melody looked cute decked out in her Disney clothes. Just like Auntie & Mom.

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