A year old and stats

Well, Melody has successfully crossed the year mark and is now officially a toddler! We celebrated her “official” birthday with Grandma & Grandpa and we had a nice time. She only fell down on her face once so there wasn’t an awful lot of blood on her birthday shirt. Seriously, she gave herself a fat lip on her birthday. We are such bad parents!

A couple days later we went out to Calico for the Civil War Days there. I posted some really cute pictures in the gallery of Melody enjoying the day and stealing the show – no surprise there.

We had our 1-year appointment as well. We managed to keep her alive for the first year and in relative good health. She is 25 lbs 13 oz, which is a pound up from her 9 month appointment. But, she is now 31.5 inches! She is just growing like a weed.


One thought on “A year old and stats

  1. We had sooo much fun at Calico. Now that Melody is walking, her dress was mostly clean! Many, many compliments to Mom for her shoes.

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