Birthday Party!

Yesterday we had Melody’s first birthday party! It was so much fun!! Her friend Delaney was there, both Grandmas, her Auntie Kat, her favorite babysitter Rhonda, and of course Mom & Dad. To say that Melody likes attention is an understatement. She definitely was hamming it up for the cameras. Yes, multiple cameras, lol. We had video, we had still shots, we had snapshots! And you can see by the pictures that Melody knows how to work the camera to her best advantage.

But, when all was said and done, her favorite part of the day might just have been the cake. She did not hesitate for one second to put her hands into the frosting and dig in! Looking back, I wish I had turned the cake so the green leaves were on the far side from her hands, because her face, hands and right arm were all tinged green for a while. Thankfully, it washed off without any problem. She liked the cake, but didn’t like the feel of it on her fingers, shaking her hands a little between bites, as if to say “ewww.” Too funny!

She was not interested in calming down at all after everyone went home, and played all afternoon. She had a good nap before the party, but then was awake for about 6 hours, which for a baby can be quite a long time. She fell asleep (read: crashed) at 6:45 and was royally annoyed when we woke her to put her into pajamas. All told, she slept the clock around and then some. She was exhausted but so happy!

Thank you to everyone who came to her birthday party! It was a miraculous day for us and only three more days until her birthday. We’re looking forward to spending the evening with Grandma A and Grandpa.

P.S. A special thank you to Melody’s friend Finn in England. She loves the bracelet and outfit!


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