Final month countdown

Melody is 11 months old. Holy moly! We are on the final countdown to her first birthday. How fast this year has gone!!!!! Here’s a recap of some of Melody’s milestones and moments during her first year.

February 13, 2007. I am born.

February 14, 2007. I have kept my parents awake for 36 hours straight. Serves them right for forcing me out into this crazy place they call the world. Happy Valentine’s Day Mom & Dad!

February 27, 2007. Lost my umbilical stump…ready for action!

March 20, 2007. Dad brags about getting first smiles. Whatever. I love my mommy best!

April 11, 2007. Shots. If I see that nurse come in with the little tray behind her back one more time I’m going to go commando on her. What’s the big deal stabbing me in the legs. My legs are cute and chubby! And furthermore…

April 24, 2007. Dad bought a new camera, more appropriately suited to photographing his gorgeous daughter and future American Idol winner. They will need good pictures for the montage they put together.

May 29, 2007. First shopping trip with Dad’s credit card.

June 12, 2007. It’s that nurse with the little tray again! Waaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!

August 1, 2007. I steal everyone’s heart with my sleepy jumping. When will my parents ever send this clip to that TV show and win a bunch of money for my very expensive college education? Or, was it for my singing lessons?

October 24, 2007. Made contact with R2D2 and stored the plans to the Death Diaper in his memory. The Death Diaper is a bomb that could destroy all of human kind if the smell were to ever escape. Help me Obi Dad Kenobi…you’re my only hope (of getting the trash taken out).

November – December, 2007. My parents couldn’t be bothered to update this blog, so really nothing significant must have happened. Yeah right! I got my first flu bug! I can walk! I can eat table food and man do I love mashed potatoes! I have to work on these parents of mine and really just nag them to put in more updates. Huh, they hardly even take pictures of me any more…cue violins…they just don’t love me! They make me go to bed at 8:30! They make me play in the living room with all those toys I got at Christmas time! They give me macaroni and cheese for dinner! Woe is me, sob sob sob…I want my Grandmas! They will let me do anything!


3 thoughts on “Final month countdown

  1. What a busy year you’ve had. From a totally dependent girl to one who thinks she is independent – all in one year. Watch out! Love, Gramma

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