Boy, do we owe you some updates!

Well, here it is the 29th of December already and it seems like Melody was just posting her Thanksgiving message a week or so ago! Time flies sooo fast these days!

So, what’s been going on? We went up to Calico Ghost Town and Melody enjoyed the Lane House quite a lot. She managed to walk a bit with assistance and get her white dress incredibly filthy. Then, shortly after Thanksgiving, Melody had the flu, but kind child that she is, she managed to share it with Mom, Dad and Grandma Marie. It was a week of real difficulty and we felt really bad for Melody. Not only did she come down with the flu on a Friday, by Monday she was cutting her two top teeth, and by the following Saturday she had an ear infection. It was a rough week for her! Two doctor’s visits and three phone calls to them should indicate that it was rough on Mom and Dad too. After 10 days of antibiotics and lots of TLC (thanks to Grandma who stayed with us for five days!) she is all better again. And, coming out the other side of this, she now has seven teeth and we are just waiting for the final bottom tooth to appear.

After that, we all got colds, yay! ‘Tis the season for sharing germs, apparently. Fortunately this one we didn’t give to anyone outside the house. After we felt better again, again, we went to Grandma Alice & Grandpa Bert’s Christmas party, and boy was Melody the star of the show! She had on a really pretty plaid Christmas dress and she was showing off her black velvet shoes. Not only was she showing them off, she was showing people that she knows how to use them. No, not by kicking people, although she has been known to do that on occasion (entirely by accident, I’m sure), but by walking! By December 13th, her 10 month birthday, Melody was taking two to three steps on her own, and as of today, she is walking across the room on her own. She is doing great! She’s definitely keeping us busy chasing after her.

Christmas Eve and Christmas day brought lots of family visits and visiting, opening presents, and new toys to play with, sometimes even things that are intended to be toys, lol. She loves, loves, loves her Alphabet Pal and will sing along with the song when we sing it. Of course, Melody’s version of singing and what you and I define as singing are vastly different, but she is singing none the less. As we wind down the year, we know that Melody will be walking on her own with confidence and talking in really no time flat. It’s unbelievable how fast this year has flown past us, but I guess with a new baby on scene, there really is a reason why we aren’t focused elsewhere, only on her.

Pictures of various events posted in the gallery. :-)


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