Happy Thanksgiving!

Dear Friends and Family,

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I spent the day with my whole family, Mommy, Daddy, Auntie Kat, Grandma Alice & Grandpa Bert, Grandma Marie and Great-Grandma. Wow, it was so much fun! I had my first taste of mashed potatoes and that was a sublime experience. I want to eat mashed potatoes for the rest of my life. With gravy. Yummmmmm. I also tried cranberry sauce, which I think I liked pretty well. I really wore myself out, that is for sure, since I refused to nap all afternoon. I was a good girl though and I didn’t cry, I just got really tired and after dinner sacked out for two hours. I think Dad might have too while he and Grandpa were watching football. Mommy and “the girls” took care of the kitchen and talked, but I missed all this since I was finally sleeping. It was such a fun day! I hope everyone else had a great Thanksgiving too!!

In other news, I am now 9 months and 2 weeks. I am 24 lbs 15 oz and 30 inches tall!!! Wow.




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