Melody Time Travels

Take a look at the new pictures of Melody the incredible time travelling baby. :-) The pictures were taken at an 1862 themed event called Riley’s Farm Remembrance Fall School of the Soldier (or something like that, it’s a long name). Anyhow, they were taken September 15 & 16. Melody had recently started pulling herself up to stand, so you’ll see some shots of that. She enjoyed the long weekend even though there was a lot going on! She met with General Stonewall Jackson to play peek-a-boo, Mr. Jefferson Davis, President of the Confederate States, and Mrs. Akkerman of the Temperance Society. These contacts are very important to establish early in a young woman’s life! Melody also was featured in a fashion show and also sat for a portrait with her mother by an esteemed travelling photographer.

Since she returned to the 21st century, Melody has been not just crawling (fast!) but also cruising! She is now 23 pounds, stands at the edge of the couch and you can tell just how proud of herself she is! No pictures of this yet, but there are some new pictures added of her first and second time in a restaurant high chair. It’s a big day in a girl’s life when she sits at the table like a grown up!

That’s about it for now. Enjoy!


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