Solid food

Hello…? Is this thing on? Can you hear me? Anyhow, on to the latest Melody news. :-) We have officially started solid food, if you can call rice cereal solid, lol. It’s so liquidy right now that it looks more like broth than anything else. But, Melody likes it none the less. She is a great fan of grabbing the spoon just as it approaches her mouth and spilling the food all over her bib. Oh, yay! I think on Saturday she wore more than she ate. Somehow, she managed to get cereal as high as her eyebrows and as low as her toes! She also thinks the colorful bowls I use are pretty toys and wants to grab those too. So far she has not spilled the bowl, but we are in the market for a good high chair and probably will get one soon. Right now she sits in her Bumbo for eating. It’s very cute!! Next up, veggies!


7 thoughts on “Solid food

  1. Just ‘cus I don’t post a comment, dosen’t mean I don’t check the site every day. I always check for new pix.

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