Growing, growing, growing!

Today, we celebrated her four month birthday by going to see the doctor and get her shots. Oh, yay! Melody did great though, it was Mom and Dad who were a mess. Her stats are…drumroll please…17 pounds 12 ounces, 26.5 inches tall. She is still in the 97th percentile for height and weight, which Dad says means she is abnormally large, but I think it means she is perfect. We gave her a little Tylenol before her shots and so far no fever this time. She is actually sitting on my lap as I type and really making it just about impossible to type this. :-) The nurse says she might give us a tooth soon, they look like something might be coming in soon. We’re thinking of starting rice cereal and fruits soon…but that means she is growing up and Mom wants her to stay a baby forever. :::sigh:::

So much progress!! We’ve had several “firsts” recently. On Saturday, Melody rolled over for the first time. She almost rolled over at Grandma & Grandpa’s house. She was on her side and leaning, but didn’t quite make it. Later that same day at Aunt Edith & Uncle Ken’s house, Melody was relaxing on a blanket while we all ate dinner and she rolled right over! Uncle Ken was sitting by her and encouraging her. She was quite proud of herself! Our next “first” was her first laughs. These are priceless! Some people have said that she has laughed for them, but it only really counts when Mom & Dad hear it for the first time, right? She has ticklish feet and a ticklish tummy and we have been getting little chuckles and giggles from her for a few days now. She laughed right out loud today when the nurse accidentally tickled her tummy. This last is more like a “finally” in that Melody has really been grasping and reaching for her toys for the past week. She is able to hold them and really seems to enjoy reaching for the ones on her playmat. She also enjoys chewing on her hands and, well, anything she can get into her mouth.


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