Back to work!

Today is Mom’s first day back to work and Melody’s first day with her daycare provider Rhonda. Mom’s coworkers (Auntie Tara??) decorated her desk with lots of pictures of Melody to make it a little easier to be away from her baby. Melody was very interested in Rhonda, laughed and smiled at her, and paid no attention to Mom at all during the drop off. So, I guess Melody is going to be fine. Hopefully, Mom will be fine too!


2 thoughts on “Back to work!

  1. I just want to report that Mommy is doing GREAT…I am so proud of her! Today is a very tough day in a mother’s life and Martha is a trooper. I know Miss Melody and Daddy will give her an extra hug when she gets home this evening.

  2. I called Martha at work to wish her Happy Monday. She had been there a grand total of 10 minutes. At that time the day was easy. Hugs!

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