You decide: who does Melody look like?

In the photo gallery you will find three pictures. One of Melody, one of Dad at about 4-6 months, and one of Mom at 4 months. Please excuse the big crease through Mom’s picture, that’s the way we found it. So, take a look at the pictures and post your opinions as to which of us Melody looks like. Or, if you think she looks like both of us, tell us! Enjoy!


9 thoughts on “You decide: who does Melody look like?

  1. Definitely looks like Mommy to me! At first, I thought a mix of both, but after seeing Martha’s baby picture…Mommy all the way.

  2. Totally and completely unfair photo comparison. You took a very stylized picture of Melody and compared it to a similarly stylized picture of you. :-)

    It’s sad, very sad, but Melody unfortunately looks a *lot* like her dad. But the good news is, she also looks like her mom. So there’s some hope!

  3. Had to get my fix and see if there were new pictures. There are!! Well, the mouth open is definately Mom but I do see Dad in the cheeks and hairline. ;-)

    I guess you will have to wait until she starts talking to see who she is really like.

    BTW-Vacation is all its cracked up to be. Kat

  4. Mouth & hair definetly Mom; Cheeks & hair line are both; but of course all of you are as cute as a button!


  5. I really think she looks more like Mom. Maybe it’s just because the style of the pictures are kinda the same but I really think shes gonna look alot more like Mom than Dad.

  6. Are you kidding? Of course she looks like Mom. We’ll compare when we get pictures all as “old” as Dad – he’s sitting up and has teeth too! But seriously, it is really hard to say, I see some of both.

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