Angel girl

Melody had a photo session in a very special dress today. The dress was made from Grandma Marie’s wedding dress about fifty years ago, and Melody’s four uncles were all christened in it. The blanket she is laying on was Dad’s blanket when he was a baby. Take a look at the latest photo album and be awed by how beautiful she is. Oh, and please note, she is smiling for Mom. :-)


7 thoughts on “Angel girl

  1. awww shes so cute!! She really does look like John in those pics! Seeing a little baby makes me want a little baby agian……well for a day anyways…….I dont want one to keep, mines going through the terrible twos I dont need another one!!!=P

  2. Melody I will miss you while I am away, but have looked at all your pictures and these are the best yet! Love, Grandma A

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