First dr appointment

Today we went over to the pediatrician’s office for our first doctor appointment. This was quite an adventure, since Mom had no clue what they were going to ask. (Who keeps track of how often and how long the baby naps??) Melody is gaining weight well and is now 9 lb 13 oz. She also grew an inch! She is in the 95th percentile for all her stats and the doctor was impressed at how well she was holding up her head and holding her gaze. Unfortunately, she got really hungry by the end of the appointment and was MAD by the time she got food in her tummy. Wow, was she mad. Another exciting event today was that she lost her umbilicus and now has a belly button! Yay! Yesterday we took our first walk in the stroller. Browser was very good and Melody went straight to sleep. It’s been quite a week so far!


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